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A Farmer in the Field

Luke 10:2

Sheep (and Dustin)

What is the purpose of the Local Church? What is it’s primary function? Is it to evangelize the community? Is it?

I purpose that the purpose of the “local” christian is to evangelize the local community, but the role of the local church is to “equip saints”. We are all given spiritual gifts that are to be used for the edifying of the Saints (Ephesians 4:11-13). You see the “services” we attend are for the equipping of the Saints so the Saints can go out and reach the lost. Lets take that one step further, what if the Local Church (members not building) could “Commission” someone, or a family, to go out and reach more saints to equip? 

This Saturday and 10:00 AM we, Ripon Baptist Church, will do just that. We are planning on Ordaining Chris O’Reilly to the Gospel ministry. His task is to lean a Flock of sheep to help them Sharpen one another (Proverbs 27:17). We at little RBC have the opportunity to put our seal of approval on an individual so He may be recognized as one who is prepared to do the work.

This, my sheep, is a big deal!!! This is something that may only happen once in a decade or two for a church like us. This is a time to realize that we can reach one or two, but if we equip one to lead others we (RBC) can reach twice as many. Chris will be an extension of the ministry of Ripon Baptist Church.

Please be here this Saturday to be a part of this monumental service in the history of RBC. 

Love y’all


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