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By the Book

Mark 10:23-27

Sheep (and Dustin)

I am trying to think of an illustration similar to this idea. Maybe when opening a bank account or taking out a loan… lets start with the fact that if I want a loan “I” am asking the bank (possessor of the money) to borrow it (because I don’t have enough). I am coming to them and not the other way around. Now, I go to them and they say sure, but, you need collateral, good credit, means to pay it off, etc. I say ok, but… I am a good person so I shouldn’t have to put up collateral, and my credit is not so good but that is because the utility company doesn’t like me so it is not a valid credit report, and I am pretty poor but I can get rid of cable, cell phone, and internet (maybe why I am poor…) and that will be enough to pay the loan. I really am a good guy, and you can trust me.

Do you give him the loan? If so why all the rules to begin with? I am not saying salvation is like taking out a loan, in fact, God has made it quite the opposite. Ephesians 2:8-9 says that it is NOT your works but the simple Grace of God that saves us. BUT!!! He (God) clearly states that there IS a way and only one way of salvation. YOU do not decide the rules nor can you make exceptions based on you opinions and ideologies. God is the one that “gives” the gift and if you want it it is on HIS terms.

No bank is going to just chuck the rules because you want it some other way. The rules are there for a reason. With the bank it is so they don’t get ripped off and lose all of their (really ours but they hold it) money. For us it is to make sure we don’t get into a contract that we cannot fulfill. It really is for the greater good of both parties

Here in Mark 10:23-26 there is a question about just how impossible is it for a person (especially a rich person) to get into heaven. Why is the rich person singled out? Well because with money you can buy whatever you want, right?? Well, not really. But with money you are secure right?? No, not really. Rich people cannot buy love, devotion, loyalty, or even honesty. Every single rich person ever born has died. All can become sick or diseased and die early. Money does not buy what is most important and the love or dependency on money is highly misguided. 

Jesus is simply saying that a rich person is no more likely to get into heaven then any other person. Infact, it might even be more difficult because money cannot buy salvation and it takes just the opposite of what money instills in a person. It takes Dependency, humility, brokenness.  The true believer is one who has been broken of their pride, “self” worth, and works. Salvation is about recognizing my inability and Gods ability. 

Verse 27, No it is not impossible for anyone to “get saved” it might be harder for one then another but even God can save the most “unsavable” of people. Why? Because He (God) makes the rules, He (God) demands we follow them, and He (God) is the one who saves us, not us saving us. You must follow the rules and it is for our good and His.

Ours to be saved, truly, and His for His Glory and Immutability. 

John 14:6 – Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” 

Rules are not bad, they are actually very good. Follow them and you too can find Life and life more abundantly. John 10:10

Love Y’all


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