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Drive in Easter Service!

Greetings RBC

This Saturday (April 11, not Sunday April 12) at 2:30 pm we are planning a combined “Good Friday” and “Easter” service. Yes you heard that right a combined service. We are also planning to have it in the Ripon Baptist Church Parking Lot. Yes, you heard that right. In The Parking Lot. We will have live music to sing along with. We will have communion together, and Live preaching from God’s Word.

We ask that you come in a vehicle and remain in your vehicle. We will direct you where to park. Once you are parked please remain in your vehicle but roll down your windows. There will be a sound system so you can hear. The communion will be voluntary/ and optional due to the health concern, if you would like we encourage you to bring your own juice and crackers. We will prepare and pass out the two elements in a sanitary fashion for those who do not have their own. Do not feel obligated to take it if you are concerned about contact and health. We will also have a “mailbox” set off to the side of the parking lot for anyone who wishes to leave and offering.

Once the service is concluded we will encourage you to fellowship inside your car but do not leave your vehicle. I am very excited to see all of you and to hear your voices. Happy Easter Everyone.


Love y’all



P.S. just call or text if you have questions, K?



Our facilities are newly located on Oshkosh Street across from Hillside Dental, right next to the walking trail in what was formerly the Affinity Clinic. 635 W Oshkosh St, Ripon, WI

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