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Family Time this Sunday

Sheep (and Dustin)

Here are some of the “Ideas” we are going to discuss at family time this Sunday after the Morning service. Please bring a sac lunch if you want to nibble while we talk. This is NOT a business meeting and no official business will be discussed. This is also a time to discuss other things you wish to talk about. This is not a time to complain or argue but to talk about what we as a church want to know, do, pursue. Hoping to have fun and enjoy. See you at 10:00 for regular service with family time INSIDE afterwards.  

New Services post Covid-19

Plus ¼ activities

A. Men’s Group (book or topic)

1. Goal = Accountability

2. Home life. Husband, father, spiritual leader

3. Personal Growth

4. Evangelism and discipling

B. Morning Prayer Group (not the same as Wednesday prayer time)

1. Meet in the morning

2. Not spend time exchanging requests

3. Pray over the Membership, Activities, Peoples spiritual needs

4. Self directed and not “organized” 

C. Forge Fellowship (Replace Sunday Evenings)

1. Held at 428 Spaulding Ave. 

2. Tables and chairs, with keyboard 

3. Games or physical challenge might be part of Fellowship

4. Music, Music, Music

D. 2030 Club (young adults/ singles) meet at 0830 Sunday mornings

1. Doughnuts, coffee

2. Topic discussion (pre-determined)

3. Organize age related activities

E. Sr 2 Sr (High School to Adult Sr’s connection)

1. Letters sent regularly

2. Birthdays

3. Advice and wisdom (Titus 2)

F. Sing Sing (random days and times, spontaneous songs and music)

G. No Adult Sunday School (mens and women’s group, 2030 club, prayer wed and am)

1. No Adults class (men’s and Womens BBST)

2. Kids will be either PM or Evening, possibly Wednesdays

3. Youth led SS for younger kids with Youth leader supervision

H. Youth Group Post O’Reilly????

¼ly Activities


Quarterly and not monthly

Both Sunday AM and Wednesday

Prepped by Deacons

Served by Deacons

Followed with song/singing and meal (message will be communion related)

Saturday Evening Service

No Sunday morning service following Saturday Service

Application messages with discussion 


Family times

Business Meetings

Building Planning

Youth Services

Special music

Youth led message or youth oriented message by Pastor

These are ideas only, please come ready with ideas and a good time of fellowship.

Love y’all 



Our facilities are newly located on Oshkosh Street across from Hillside Dental, right next to the walking trail in what was formerly the Affinity Clinic. 635 W Oshkosh St, Ripon, WI

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