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How can we pray for another?

Sheep (and Dustin) 

I was excited to hear from so many of you on Sunday. I heard we had 35 listeners on facebook. My family all sat in the TV room and sang along with the music. I think we all felt a little strange watching me preach on TV while I was sitting in the room.

I am really seeing in all this “isolation” that we have, at the excuse of peace and ease, become to content with the usual. I am excited to talk with some of you about your experiences during the “lock-down”. I really want to know what your have learned from the Lord and the experience.

I am excited to continue doing some of the things we are doing now that helps us stay connected during the week. Certainly the “Zebra Pen” and some recorded messages. I am working on ways we can continue to pray for one another and stay invested in one another.

How do you think we can pray for one another during Covid-19? Let me know your ideas. You could call me, text me, email me, or…. (shhhhh) stop in, limit 10, non-refundable, no cash value.

Love you all


P.S. I want to thank you all for the cards, plants, food, scripture, prayers and mostly all the Love you have shown during my recovery.


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