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My Trip to Berlin

Dear Sheep (and Dustin)

I will begin this Zebra Pen with a warning. What I am about to tell you is a true story and I don’t know the final details. I am also going to tell you “how not to respond”. Please read all the way through and pray for What God is wanting to teach you.

Yesterday I went into Berlin for some supplies. One the way there (8 am) just west of town on 23 was a man with a hood over his head standing on the side of the road with his back to the traffic and walking sideways so as to not reveal his face. On our way back he was still on the side of the road and still in the same general spot. I then had to make a second trip to Berlin that morning (10 am) and on my way there he was still there and upon returning he remained on the side of the road with his hood up and back to traffic but was getting even closer to the oncoming cars.

At this point I thought to my self 2 things. 1. An unsuspecting car might hit him and have to deal with that their whole life. 2. He might be attempting something irrational. I decided to do the right thing and call the local police dept. to notify them of the situation. I pulled over just past him and on the opposite side of the road, called the PD and told them the history of this gentleman. They informed me that an officer was currently on his way to the scene and that they had had many reports of the situation. I remained on the side of the road until an officer pulled up to make sure there was not going to be a situation. After the officer appeared I proceeded home.

I will be honest here, I believed in my mind and heart that I did the right thing for him and any potential person that might get involved with him. I was “proud” of myself for helping. Until….

Until I realized that what I did was extremely selfish and worldly. I had responded just as the world (devil) would want me to. How is that selfish you ask? Well, I did take the time to “stop” and assist. But what was my mind thinking as I stopped? Here is the problem, I have become conditioned by this world to think 1. He might be dangerous, 2.he might be on drugs, 3.he might be armed, 4.he might be diseased or contagious somehow. We have been told it is to dangerous to assist, just let “the police” deal with it. All respect to the police for helping but…

I was quickly humbled as to my selfishness and fear. Does this man need a police officer to help? Does he need “the system”?? Absolutely not!!! He needs Jesus, He needs Love, He needs someone to actually care about his soul!!! I completely failed!!!

Now, here is where you are going to say… But Joshua, you did the right thing in protecting yourself for the sake of you kids, your wife, your life. That is the point!!! I thought of myself and not HIM!!! More importantly I failed to Trust God, Love my “enemy”, to put others first!!! Yes my life is important to my wife, kids, and church. But what good is it if I do not trust and believe in God’s will???

The right thing would have been to stop on his side of the road, slowly approach and begin a conversation about the love of God. I am serious!! It is not the officers job, and my life is not more important than the strangers. I fell for the lie. I thought… what a good person I am to inform the police, and never was the gospel given!!! Shame on me, shame on us!! I know you think I am over reacting but be honest here would Jesus have called the police? No He would not!!! Then neither should I!! Please take a moment to read Matthew 6:25-33.

Trying to be real, and thinking Biblically. Love y’all, think right, JJS



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