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Rough Times & A Challenge for You

Dear Sheep

The last few weeks have been pretty rough. We still only have one vehicle. Our vacation was cut very short. I just got out of surgery. I can’t imagine what Joy has been going through with all my issues. The church can’t meet together. Illness running amuck. And I still miss all your beautiful faces

I have been very much aware of how many trials me sheep have had lately. I dare not name names for fear of missing one. I want to say that I am ashamed at how much I have missed the opportunities to visit, pray, and walk along side y’all during YOUR trials. I truly feel that if we as a church body are going to grow we need to be far better at making our needs known. Then we can pray with understanding. I think we also need to stop being so worried about “perception”. You have got to realize that we are ALL so much alike and often in the same situations. The devil loves nothing more then to make us feel like we are odd or different. Most likely we are just like our brother and sister in our trials and fears.

I am going to admonish and challenge you each to call, text, or email, (or stop by) the church member that is closest to your last name’s first letter. I am “S” so I should contact Rhine or Thom. Ask them how they are doing but don’t settle for “Fine”. Spend time finding out how they are really doing. Ask for prayer requests and challenge them with a scripture or devotional thought.

These are and will always be “perilous” times. Remember as much and you need prayer so do I. I miss you all. Pray we get to unite in fellowship again soon. Keep reading God’s Word and pray without ceasing.

Love Y’all



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